The Nordic Covid Declaration

The Nordic Covid Declaration

We are among a fast growing worldwide community of health professionals, lawyers, academics and citizens from the Nordic countries that have been deeply concerned about our government policies in relation to SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 in our societies .

After two years of government led interventions to restrict our freedom of assembly and movement through isolation, quarantine, lockdowns and mask mandates there is now clear irrefutable evidence of great harm and absolutely no evidence of any benefit.

The Failure of Government Interventions

18 months after the introduction of mass vaccination programs – there is still a lack of data from the clinical phase three trials that can confirm the requirements needed that these products can be defined as vaccines . There is absolutely no evidence from the clinical trials that these products reduces viral transmission or reduces the risk of severe or fatal disease outcome from SARS-Cov-2 – Covid-19 disease. Pfizer’s own data, after 6 months follow-up, shows that these mRNA products do not contribute to reducing Covid-19 Deaths but point to a possible overall greater burden of disease as seen with greater incidence of morbidity and mortality in the vaccinated group compared to the unvaccinated group.

Critical Analysis of Pfizer 6 Month Clinical Trial Data

UK government data shows the COVID vaccines kill more people than they save

After a Texas Court acceted a freedom of Information (FOI) request Pfizer released “confidential” documents that revealed the adverse advents from the Pfizer-Biontecj Vaccines after 3 months. Read more here about what you should know about these documents.

See the oveview of the recent release of all FOI Pfizer documents here

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As reflected in the government reporting systems and observations amongst healthcare professionals -both in our communities and worldwide – we are therefore now deeply disturbed in what we clearly and unmistakenly are witnessing is an unacceptable increase of Serious Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Events and Deaths in our societies from these mRNA products in people of all age groups.

Open Vaers – Red Box

As these experimental mRNA products are increasingly being given to younger age groups, we are now witnessing what must be of deep concern to us all – namely an intolerable increase in serious adverse events and vaccine-associated deaths amongst those under 40 and now to an even greater extent among children and young people.

Mass Vaccination of Children and Young People

As reflected in the findings of Pfizer’s own data at 6 months and as we now can observe from the European Mortality Data – a significant increase in overall excess mortality in the age group 15 to 44 in 2021 compared to 2020. This increase corresponds in time to the introduction of the vaccine products in this age group.

European Mortality Monitoring in 2021

100 Published Studies on Serious Vaccine Injuries

Clinical observations from colleagues around the world now report worrying signs of microthrombosis with highly elevated d-dimer values in many of those receiving the gene-based vaccines. This can explain the significant increase in clinical manifestations of organ failure (e.g renal failure) and the frequent reporting of pericarditis-myocarditis in young people leading in numerous cases to Cardiac insufficiency.

Covid-19 Vaccines and D-Dimer Levels

Over 100 Peer Reviewed Articles on Mycocarditis and Covid-19 Vaccines

We are are now also receiving increasing reports of vaccine associated life threatening acute cardiac events (Acute Cardiac Syndrome -ACS) -especially amongst athletes.

Doctors for Covid Ethics has written three open letters to the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 vaccine dangers.

With this background – it is now therefore deeply disturbing and unacceptable that all our governments -instead of immediately pausing and re-evaluating the vaccination policies – are pushing a continuing campaign for mass vaccination -now also in the younger age groups 12 and below.- with introduction of booster doses together with the introduction of Vaccine Passports/Certificates.

These policies can only be understood as unacceptable coercive methods that now clearly constitute a fundamental breach of our Inalienable Constitutional Rights. They are also a fundamental breach of Article 3 – of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights – Right to integrity of the person, The International Conventions on Human Rights and -because these are experimental products – a serious breach of the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration as related to Informed Consent.

UK Grandmothers Plea

US Grandfathers Plea-Dr. Robert Malone -inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology

Appeal from Margrethe Salvesen (reg nurse and author)

Straight talk from Canadian Pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Joe Rogan Interviews Professor Petter A. Mccullough and Robert Malone



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The Nordic (Covid-19) Declaration has come about through a Nordic Dialogue of Medical Professionals including some 50 medical doctors from clinical medicine (GPs and Medical Specialists) and Academic Medicine (Epidemiologists, Immunologists and Microbiologists). We are joined by other health professionals (nurses and other health practicioners) and by pharmacists and lawyers. For us medical doctors the information that we share in these pages – that are not reaching the public at large – are deeply disturbing. It should first and foremost be studied by all our nordic colleagues and called out. The presentation below explaining in detail the vaccine clinical trials by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance is a MUST SEE.

The Nordic Covid (Covid-19)  Declaration – is a joint declaration signed by health professionals, lawyers, academics and concerned citizens from the Nordic countries  that supports and builds on the Great Barrington Declaration ,  the Rome Declaration and many  numerous initiatives such as: Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care AllianceDoctors for Covid EthicsWorld Doctors AllianceHart Group,  Canadian Covid Care Alliance , American Frontline Doctors , Covid 19 Assembly Brownstone Institute, the German Corona Investigative Committee, Daily Expose, Collateral Global, Covid-19 laissons les médecins prescrire and others – that  all are openly critical to  the narratives and to the varying policies that governments have been implementing in context of the Covid-19 Debacle.

From these and many other groups come some of the foremost legal, academic and medical – clinical experts from around the world  that have been dealing with the clinical management, basic and public health science and legalities surrounding Covid-19 and SARS-Cov2.  

The Nordic Covid Declaration – was published on the 09th of December 2021 

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Launching of the
#CanWeTalkAboutIt Campaign


Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting

Here are the latest numbers from the Vaccine Adverse Reporting Systems (VAERS)

Nordic Covid Declaration

Astrid Stuckelberger, Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Senator Ron Johnson hearing on Covid-19 Vaccinations
No Benefit – All Risks

Governments have been pursuing policies where healthy citizens – and increasingly our children – are being submitted to physical isolation, quarantine and mask mandates based on questionable testing regimes that have been implemented in schools, workplaces, hospitals and borders. It is now well documented that these measures are only creating great harm to our societies. Read more here.

  • It is now well documented that asymptomatic (healthy) carriers of SARS-Cov2 are not spreaders of disease. Read more here.
  • It is now well documented that the use of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) as instruments for the current restrictive policies is highly questionable and is not supported by laboratory or clinically relevant gold standards. There is no rationale for the use of these instruments in the healthy population. Read more here.
  • As has been known for sometime through formal population studies and systematic reviews -there has been no compelling evidence that could argue for mandated interventions of isolation, quarantine and wearing of face masks in decreasing the transmission of SARS-CoV2 or reduces transmission, hospitalization or deaths from SARS-CoV2. Read more here. Almost two years after the outbreak the evidence is now overwhelming that all these government mandated policies do more harm than good. Read more here.

Governments continue to undertake mass vaccination programmes that now are clearly causing an explosive and intolerable increase in severe adverse reactions and deaths as being reported from health professionals working in our healthcare systems and reflected in all our Vaccine Adverse Events Reporing Systems . Read more about VAERS here.

  • There is no documented evidence from any of the clinical trials of any meaningful clinical or protective effect of the vaccination programmes at introduction or now 12 months after. Read more here.
  • The current mass vaccination policy – based on an experimental emergency use authorization- is now creating a surge in Covid-19 clinical cases that are fully vaccinated being hospitalized and dying as shown in countries like Israel, Iceland and the UK. Read more here . We suspect that this is caused by Pathogenic Priming-Antibody Dependant Enhancement as has been shown in animal studies. Read more here.
  • As these experimental vaccines are increasingly being given to younger age groups, we are now witnessing what must be of deep concern to us all – namely an intolerable increase in serious adverse events and vaccine-associated deaths amongst those under 40 and now to an even greater extent among children and young people. It has been clear that there is absolutely no indication for children and young people to be submittet to these experimental biological products . Read more here . Clinical observations from colleagues throughout the world are now reporting worrying signals of microthrombosis in those who receive the gene based vaccines among the young people. Covid-19 Vaccines and D-Dimer Levels. There is an especially worrying increase of Acute Cardiac Syndromes in the younger age groups as reported among athletes. Read more here.

Governments in all our countries have introduced digital Health Passports/Certificates to varying degree at borders and in our countries that are a clear threat to our inalienable rights.

  • The introduction of such passports/certificates have been implemented broadly without due process and based on flawed threat assessments where the mortality from SARS-Cov-2 since its appearance is in most countries no more than a mild (seasonal) influenza with a mortality between 0.001%-0.01% to a more severe (seasonal) influenza with a mortality bewteen 0.1%-0.2%. Read more here.
  • The introduction of such passports/certificates is a clear breach of our fundamental rights as laid down in our constitutions connected to “natural law” and a serious breach of international conventions on human rights, Article # 2 and # 3 of the Treaty of the European Union and Article 3 – of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights – Right to integrity of the person. As the vaccine programs use experimental biological products there is serious breach of the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration . Read more here.


4847 signatures & 972 supporters


634 CAM Health Practitioners

340 Nurses

76 MD General Practitioners

73 MD Specialists

56 Lawyers

45 First Responders

31 Pharmacists


Medicine and Law

Axel Berglund, Public Lawyer, Stockholm, Sweden

Sture Blomberg MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Mölnlycke, Sweden

Per-Thore Bråthen, Special Legal Advisor, Private Law Practice, Viken, Norway

Christian Coucheron MD General Medical Practice, Oslo, Norway

Dinu Dusceac MD, PhD Cardiology Consultant , Trollhättan, Sweden

Kjetil Elvevold, Dr Scient Senior Scientist, D-Liver, Tromsø, Norway

Einar Eskeland MD General Medical Practice, Drøbak, Norway

Mats Hagelin, Public Lawyer (District Court) Gothenburg, Sweden

Bruce Kyle MD General Medical Practice, Aarhus, Denmark

Andreas Johannes Heck MD General Medical Practice, Hamar, Norway

Jørgen Heier Cand. jur, LLM,  Attorney at Law – Private Law Practice,
Hamar, Norway

Antti Heikkilä MD Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery (ret), Eira Hospital in Helsinki, Finland

Nina Kristina Honkanen MD Psychiatry, Helsinki, Finland

Ragnar Hultborn MD, PhD Professor Emeritus of Oncology, Gothenburg,

Bo Jonsson MD, PhD of Psychiatry, North Stockholm Psychiatry and Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Patrick Joost MD (Surgical pathology), Malmö, Sweden

Mikael Kivivuori MD General Medical Practice, Rauma, Finland ,

Frank Landgraff MD, General Medical Practice, Oslo, Norway

Rauli Mäkelä MD Ear Nose Throat-ret), Espoo, Finland

Åse Marie Michaelsen, MD Psychiatry-ret,
Ålesund, Norway

Christos Milonas MD Cardiology, City Heart Cardiological Clinic, Stockholm, Sweden

Sigurd Nes MD General Medical Practice,  Leira i Valdres (Nord-Aurdal, Norway

Halvor Næss, Prof dr med (MD, PhD) Professor of Neurology, Bergen, Norway

Aselya Nielsen MD General Medical Practice , Læsø Regionsklinik, Byrum, Denmark

Fatemeh Pakyari, Attorney at Law – Private Law Practice , Stockholm, Sweden

Barbro Paulsen, Attorney at Law – Private Law Practice, Oslo, Norway

Ellen Cathrine Pritzier MD Dermatology, Kristiansand, Norway

Sven Román MD Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Stockholm, Sweden

Eva-Maria Schottdorf MD MSc. Board Certified Specialist for Prehospital Emergency Medicine and Radiation Oncology, Munich, Germany

Thomas Alexander Skog MD Neuroradiology, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway

Bernt Halvard Sleire, MD (Specialist in Psychiatry – Child Psychiatry) – ret,
Stavanger, Norway

Torkel Snellingen dr med (MD, MPH, PhD in Vision Sciences), Lecturer in Interventional Epidemiology, Oslo, Norway

Kim Varming MD Clinical Immunology, Aalborg Denmark

Almina Vilimiene MD (Psychiatry) Private Mental Health Practice , Hamar, Norway

Lilian Weiss MD, PhD. Associate prof of physiology. University of Gothenburg. General Surgery, Gothenburg, Sweden

Marcel Westerlund MD MRCPsych, MRANZCP, General Medical Practice, formerly) WDHB, Hamilton, New Zealand), Växjö, Sweden

David Wilson MD General Medical Practice,
Lillesand, Norway 

Nina Yderberg MD (Child Psychiatry), Katrineholm, Sweden

Hans Zingmark MD Internal and Pulmonary Medicine, Halland, Sweden